We operate by a few guiding principles – in all circumstances, always.

Our guiding principles come down to a few basic but essential ideas that we translate into a way of operating. Running a business with honor, trust, and respect for the individual always proves to be the best course. We contend that success is not solely measured in dollars and cents but rather in these intangible human currencies which are illustrated through the choices of every employee and the quality of the work we do.

Unwavering Commitment to Modern Leadership

We have been in the trenches. We have weathered many storms and learned from every phase of our journey, whether a success or failure. With decades of investment and operational experience across a wide variety of businesses and industries, we partner with and mentor management teams as they navigate all stages of the business lifecycle in order to build, enhance, and grow sustainable, principled companies.

Perseverance as a Way of Life

Our personal and professional histories are rich with stories of how grit and good, old-fashioned hard work have defined our success. These traits and the spirit of entrepreneurship a are the forces behind our leadership style.

Commitment to the Human Side of Business

The concept of The Golden Rule is universal and, for most people, learned at a very young age: treat people the way you want to be treated. For us, working and living with respect, honesty and integrity is an absolute imperative. If we hold our children to this basic standard then we must also hold ourselves, our employees, and our stakeholders to it – in every word, deed, and action.

Authentic Partnership Across the Enterprise

Partnership is an overused term. To us, partnership is a constant state of professional and personal integration and collaboration. It means facilitating communication and honest relationships among management teams, employees, vendors, customers and investors. When all stakeholders’ voices are truly heard and their ideas are implemented, progress and growth are the natural outcomes.