Invest, operate, reinvest, repeat.

We invest in growing businesses that have strong value propositions and are poised for continued growth. We have the flexibility to create an intentional partnership to help owners meet short-, medium-, and/or long-term goals. Once an investment has been made, we focus on supporting long-term value creation through continued growth initiatives, reinvestment, and innovation.

Continuous Growth Through Innovation

Organizations that succeed in the dynamic global economy are built on a foundation of continuous learning, calculated risk, and an unyielding dedication to transformation. We embrace innovation, whether small or large scale, organized or disruptive. Through our network of human capital, we promote a culture of active innovation, encouraging all stakeholders to move with agility and focus to bring new ideas to life in the continuous pursuit of progress.

Continued Reinvestment

We believe there is no greater investment than in businesses we already know. Reinvestment is critical to pursuing short- and long-term strategies. Reinvestment can come in many forms including dedicating resources and capital to the improvement of processes, technology, equipment, and people. In addition, reinvestment can and most likely will include the purchase of complementary businesses, facilitating strategic advancements that would otherwise take decades to organically create. Only through the synergies offered by intentional and quite often long-term ownership, thoughtful capital, and the luxury of time are we able to make reinvestment a key lever in our investment philosophy.

Tireless Focus on Operational Excellence

In the ever-competitive economic environment, it is difficult for companies to thrive on growth alone. Experience has shown us that the most profitable businesses continually focus on initiatives that promote both growth and operational excellence. The result is a harmonious upward cycle of profitability and innovation that attracts top talent and paves the way for maintained market share, continued reinvestment, and enduring viability. We apply this challenging but essential approach while continuing to meet the needs of our people, customers, and suppliers.

Long-Term Ownership for Value Creation

Operating without the pressure of short-term investment horizons, we have the flexibility and benefit of time. Time allows us to make meaningful capital and non-capital investments and reinvestments in businesses, even if those investments have longer payoff periods. It also makes possible a fundamentally different approach – from how we invest and handle ownership to how we set objectives and pursue operational improvements. The headline: our opportunity set is unlimited and the strategies we can apply to help companies flourish are unconstrained. We’ve crossed the investment chasm. What’s on the other side is a whole new universe of possibility.

Thoughtful Capital for Growth and Sustainability

To thrive and grow over the long term, businesses must be properly capitalized. Leaning on extensive financial analysis and in-depth industry analysis, we work with all stakeholders to provide the right capital to support our businesses and help them reach their goals. Whether a business needs minority or control equity, low leverage or no leverage at all, our flexible mandate allows us to do what’s best for every business.