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A little about us.

We are a team of trailblazers on a mission to change the fundamentals of private investing. Our team includes a balanced mix of investment and operational professionals with decades of experience investing, advising, and operating businesses in a wide range of industries.

We share a common vision and passion for what we do and the people with whom we do it. We are committed to the approach we have set forth and hold each other accountable for living our guiding principles every day. While we are serious about our work, we have learned the value of not taking ourselves too seriously, and we strive every day to bring the human side of business to the forefront.

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We launched Bestige to challenge the status quo.

Experience, war wounds, and way too many late nights have taught us that traditional private equity misses the mark in many areas that can have a detrimental effect on the long-term viability of private equity owned businesses. A short-term bias often causes a misalignment of incentives between investors and management teams. All too often, this limited view results in companies making myopic business decisions and/or forgoing strategic investments that have bigger payoffs in the long term. Through the careful alignment of several critical drivers, we believe we can deliver better results and preserve the integrity of investment processes and businesses, as well as the people behind them.

Bestige by the numbers.


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Investment, operating and advisory engagements completed

DEALS BY INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS TYPE: We have invested in virtually every vertical. We believe our investment philosophy, long-term strategy, and people-based approach translate well to any type of business.

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What does the name Bestige mean?

Bestige (sounds like “prestige”) is a Norwegian term that means “to climb, ascend, or scale.” Our name is a metaphor for the entrepreneurial spirit that powers everything we do, as well as a nod to the Wasatch mountains of Park City.

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