Measuring success beyond the bottom line.

No two organizations define success the same way. At Bestige, our success is defined not only by our bottom line, but also by the impact we make on our employees and the people, businesses, and communities who walk with us on our journey. With our vision and values as our lens, we know that our success relies on being a positive force in the lives of our employees and the communities in which our businesses operate… to honor both their legacy and their future.

Beginning in January 2024, we started donating a percentage of our bottom line to organizations and initiatives that we believe not only support causes that align with our values, but also directly impact the careers and lives of our employees and their communities.

The first initiative we supported – Work Ethic Scholarship Program – helps the next generation of workers access the education they need to pursue and succeed in a career in a skilled trade.

Look for additional ways we will be partnering with this and other impactful organizations soon.